Established in 2016, Next Sense Technologies has expertise in instruments for environment, specifically in: agronomy, plant physiology, eco-physiology, data logging, meteorology, soil moisture, solar energy studies and environmental monitoring.

Next Sense Technologies is a sister company of Engineering & Environmental Solutions, owned and managed by the directors. We believe that Co-operative working creates a highly professional environment in which we all participate in the challenges of the business and benefit from its success. We share a high level of commitment to the company and to our customer’s satisfaction.


The aim of Next Sense is to improve the current technologies offered by an organization or to develop innovations that strengthen the organization’s position in the marketplace. Next Sense is the sister company of “Engineering & Environmental Solutions” which dedicatedly concentrates on research and development and we are Original Equipment Manufacturer of sensor based instruments for customized solutions since 2016. Our measurements comprised of precision and accuracy, which convinces overall Indian customers with highly précised instruments and innovative-customized solutions for creating a sustainable tomorrow.


Milestones we’ve reached in a short span  is the telemetry technique to monitor the devices remotely. As iOT emerging at very fast pace. According to a certain report, by 2020 we will be having around 300 billion of sensors throughout the world which will be used in many aspects of our daily life. To work with this huge network of sensors, reliable technology to handle this includes Big Data, more reliable Wireless networks, etc. Furthermore, block chain could be used as the future technology to contribute on this, which can provide a better, stronger and reliable network.

We specialize in rugged, low-power systems for long-term, stand-alone monitoring and control. You will also find R&D division with really forward-looking engineers, innovative engineering and technological breakthroughs in our organization.