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About US

with the name of NextSense

NextSense Technologies is a pioneer in providing breakthrough technological solutions centralized towards protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable future. To cure is to know, and to know is to have the adequate resources to measure, analyze, probe and introspect – and that’s what we, at NextSense Technologies, facilitate. We strive to deliver exceptional results and become the hallmark of excellence in engineering innovation through our novel solutions and cutting-edge instruments.


Founded in 2017 as an ambitious venture to apply scientific technical expertise and utilize a flexible, ecological and cost-effective approach to design and manufacture precise, robust and cost-effective instruments for environmental monitoring, Nextense Technologies has since managed to expand across parallels and carved out a niche as a leading manufacturer of environmental monitoring instruments and provides perfectly engineered and sustainable solutions that help protect and improve environment quality.

Our Founders

Mohammad Hamza

Graduated from Aligarh Muslim University with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Having worked on various projects on VOC monitoring and LDAR, he has gained extensive experience in the development of environmental monitoring instruments. He keeps his focus on the development of low cost instruments to make it affordable for all industries to keep a check on its pollution levels. Under his leadership, E&E Solutions has set new benchmarks for instrument performance. He heads the sales and marketing efforts and strives to provide a one stop solution for environmental monitoring.

Sabir Ahmad Shamoo

Graduated from B.S Abdur Rahman University, Chennai with a degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. He has worked on the design and development of real time ambient air monitoring instruments. He puts his efforts into providing accuracy and precision in the instruments so that a proper analysis can be made for pollution abatement from the data collected. He looks into the operations and management efforts and strives for the global expansion of E&E Solutions while focusing on operational excellence, innovation in design and outstanding customer support services.